Your environment constantly has a bearing on what you do and how you act. People are influenced by it in ways that they can’t possibly predict. However, this also means that there’s every chance we can alter the workspace we’re in to suit a new level of working – one which is productive and successful. We’re going to be taking a look at the psychology behind the workspace, so that you can understand how your space can influence you.

1. Negative Space, Negative Thoughts

First things first. A negative space can seriously impact your thoughts. Imagine an office building. It’s bleak, it’s bleary. There’s nothing in it which has any kind of individuality or character. It’s just a bunch of desks, chairs and office equipment. There’s just nothing human in it. That’s a seriously negative environment. How can anyone flourish in that kind of world? If you’re sat slaving away at paperwork every day, and there’s no creativity or spark in your environment, you’re going to be at a low. You don’t have any kind of drive to do well, because there’s no motivator. The mind accepts that the world around it – the office and what’s in it – is all that exists. This really isn’t something you want to happen, because success gets further away with everyday that you accept this reality for what it is.

2. What Can I Do?

This kind of environment isn’t one that people need to be working in anymore than is absolutely required. It’s just not a practical way to thrive, or for success to be born. However, if psychology can work one way, then it can also work another way. It’s entirely possible to engineer an environment which creates the right kind of atmosphere and conditions for success, positivity and growth to occur.

Personalisation in an office is something which a lot of people do. But there’s rules from one company to the next about the kinds of decorations you can put into it. People are often stuck with this, because it becomes more difficult to express themselves without the capacity for this kind of creativity. However, things like photos of loved ones, plants and art are all helpful for people who are trying to create a positive environment and wait for psychology to work its magic. Your environment needs to inspire you, and make you feel like you can succeed, you can move forward and you can succeed.

Overall, the environment we work in can really have an impact on our minds, so we need to make sure we’re in the right place. Success comes when the brain is inspired to reach new heights. You just can’t do this in an environment which is bleak and dreary, so you need to change. Decorating your workspace so that you can make the most of the environment you’re in is the best possible way to ensure that you’re in a good mindset for success. By taking the time to prepare an office for efficient working, you’re almost priming your brain for greatness, and fostering a positive mentality.