As people, we’re born into a world of confusion and contrast. A lot of people find this incredibly mind-breaking when they get older. And who can blame them? The world is full of constructs and rules and traditions. It’s hard for anyone to be really happy. That quest for happiness is something people chase all their lives, even if they don’t know what makes you happy. Our theory is that there’s four elements of a happy person – four main groups that make up someone’s happiness if you will. To try and help people understand, we’re going to look at these four components.

1. Physical

Obviously, one of the first things that someone should consider when it comes to being happy is their physical state. Our joy in life is governed a lot by the way we eat and the level of fitness we keep. You’ll find that the physical element of anything can also extend to your environment as well. Is it one which makes you happy?

2. Mental

Your mental health is a pretty big influence on your happiness and wellbeing. The brain is a powerful object. It’s been labelled by some as the most powerful computer in the universe. It’s therefore easy to understand exactly why it can shape our happiness. Have you taken the time to plan your path to happiness? Not a lot of people actually have. In the same manner, do you stop and reflect about your day to day life? Without the chance to stop and see if what we’re doing is going to lead to happiness, it’s difficult to think positively about the situations we find ourselves in.

3. Emotional

Another cornerstone of the stairway to happiness is our emotional wellbeing. This is just as important as taking care of our physical bodies – we also need to take the time to think about our emotional state. It’s important that we make sure we’re encouraging positive emotions, and that we nurture bonds of trust and love with people. They’re big influencers of being happy. It’s difficult to maintain a happy life when you feel down and in the dumps.

4. Spiritual

Spirituality is something which is more prominent in modern society. The need for inner peace and calm is very powerful in a world where people don’t want to suffer needlessly. Once, folks might have put up with feeling bad because of their situation, but a modern world encourages you to find peace in your life. It’s important for people who want to be able to be happy as often as possible.

Overall, these are the four components which make up a happy person. Each of these areas represents, in the broadest sense, a part of what makes us who we are. If we don’t focus on each segment individually, we’ll never be happy. It’s important to try and give attention to all areas of yourself, so that you can be as happy as possible. Because what other point in life is there, if not to strive for happiness wherever possible?